Extras/Background Artists

A group of Extras/Background artists can be transformed into anything by costume, make-up and good direction; however there is no better way of securing the best and most realistic performance than providing extras that have had experience in the field they are trying to portray.

We can provide General Military Extras/Background Artists to either make up all or part of crowd scenes, or as is often the case, supply a few to ‘embed’ within a crowd of non specialist background artists; these embedded ex-military personnel not only look the part, due to their past experience within the services, but can then pass on their advice to the crowd they are in i.e. tell them how they would stand, walk, talk, hold themselves etc. hence saving much of the directors time (and therefore money) and also ensuring maximum authenticity. These Extras will be generic military (an ex Air Force member may be playing a soldier) bringing their general military look and feel to the film, however we may also be able to provide Specialist Military Extras/Background Artists (ex-Royal Marines to play the parts of Royal-Marines), depending on the roles required and the overall requirements of the production.

Something to bear in mind: our extras do not soley have to be used in a military context. In true military fashion they are reliable, good timekeepers and think nothing of long hours and adverse weather (some seem to actually thrive on it!) - things that any 2nd AD would only dream of! For the most part our extras are on the same rates as any other agency - so please feel free to use us for projects of any genre. Plus most of our extras are ex-military and can pass for civillians of all sizes and ages for non-military projects or a quick hair cut and you are left with a Royal Marine, Soldier, Sailor or Airman to fill the scenes.